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Sugar Free 2018--First 30 days without Sugar

The month of January I decided among the many goals I set for myself to cut out sugar.  Not because I wanted to shed pounds but in hopes that my skin will improve!  Here's how the first month went!

DAY 1- well I started half way through the day. And so far so good. I ate enough sugar this morning to tie me over for the day!

Day 2- it's Sunday, I rush out the house without eating anything. At lunch I have soup and chicken Ceasar salad I feel tired but I  am fine.
By evening,  a full fledged migraine has set in coupled with vommitted and loss of appetite. Even the idea of Nacho's turns me off

Day 3- I wake up feeling brighter and clearer. In my mind I think eating plain oatmeal with blue berries sounds appealing. No... it's disgusting. I force myself to eat half a bowl. At lunch I eat a fried egg sandwich on whole grain bread. Normally I love that. Not today. It's not sugar. Dinner was a success though. Grilled veggies, roasted garlic potatoes and swedish meatballs w…

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