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Hey all!
So today was my first grocery shop with whole grains apart of my list. It felt exciting to put meal plans together that included some carbs. I did realize though. I still really like me no Carb meals and plan to eat atleast one meal

Carb free a day! I don't know about you guys but lately I find myself craving certain foods. ( not unhealthy) and if I don't eat them I don't really want anything else. Which sucks because I am not always going to be able to eat what I crave even if its healthy. It may not be in my house. So I just find that food is no longer satisfying. Its good but my day doesn't revolve around it! How have you found your attitudes towards food has changed? Another milestone is restaurant enjoyment. I don't know if you remembered but a couple blogs ago I talked about my experience at a restaurant, and how food is so tantalizing and as I watched unhealthy food saunter by me I wondered why am I doing this? Well I went back to the same restaurant and I had such a different outlook. I looked forward to being able to fellowship and eat well. I was able to enjoy my company without eating dessert it fries. My joy was not altered based on what I ate! Do you have any similar stories of how you are no longer affected by what you eat? Well today for dinner I made harira soup. Its a morrocan soup that I absolutely love! I hope you try it out! Harira 1 pack ground beef 1 tbs cinnamon 1 tbs cumin 1 tbs cayenne pepper 1 tsp curry powder 1/4 cupGrated garlic and Ginger Salt and pepper to taste Tomato sauce 1 onion minced 1/4 cup diced celery 1/4 cup soaked lentils 1/4 cup chick peas 1/2 cup diced cilantro Lemon wedges salt and pepper to taste 1 egg beaten 3 tbs splenda Directions 1 brown beef add seasonings and minced veg 2 add tomatoes sauce and lentils 3 cook till lentils are tender. About one hour 4 beat an egg in a bowl. Slowly add soup to bowl about 1 cup to stop egg from cooking to quickly 5 then still mixture into soup pot 6 serve with cilantro and lemon wedges! Enjoy!


  1. I can say that I am no longer affected by what I eat in the sense that if I don't get something I crave it's not such a big deal. And today I was actually thinking, "What if there was a big plate of spaghetti in front of me?" (My favorite meal!) And I slightly cringed at the thought of the heavy carbs inside my body lol What a shock! That's when I knew change had definitely taken place! lol. Plus, even though my meals are pretty repetitive, I don't mind it, and I don't really feel like I'm missing out, only when it comes to sweet treats that I'm sure I'll never stop loving like Oreos, Snickers, Cinnabons, and Ice Cream (to name a few!) lol. But even those, I view as treats, not must haves! Praise God, let the journey continue!


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