Sugar Free 2018--First 30 days without Sugar

The month of January I decided among the many goals I set for myself to cut out sugar.  Not because I wanted to shed pounds but in hopes that my skin will improve!  Here's how the first month went!

DAY 1- well I started half way through the day. And so far so good. I ate enough sugar this morning to tie me over for the day!

Day 2- it's Sunday, I rush out the house without eating anything. At lunch I have soup and chicken Ceasar salad I feel tired but I  am fine.
By evening,  a full fledged migraine has set in coupled with vommitted and loss of appetite. Even the idea of Nacho's turns me off

Day 3- I wake up feeling brighter and clearer. In my mind I think eating plain oatmeal with blue berries sounds appealing. No... it's disgusting. I force myself to eat half a bowl. At lunch I eat a fried egg sandwich on whole grain bread. Normally I love that. Not today. It's not sugar. Dinner was a success though. Grilled veggies, roasted garlic potatoes and swedish meatballs with gravy hit the spot. For an hour!  The head ache is creeping's to tomorrow

Day 4- the day started a little groggy. The foggy headache is lessening with each day. I do find myself feeling a little short with everyone but by the grace of God I am not snapping lol. My skin has been significantly less itchy but today I think I triggered it with some topical things. So it did get itchy. I think I have lost a few lbs since Saturday. Trying to avoid the scale because if I see my weight dip too much I may want to give up. Just trying to focus on my skins improvement and health improvements.

Day 5-Today I felt fine. Towards the end of the day I started to get a head ache and my skin was very itchy. I think I am allergic to my fabric softener. I also devoured a banana today which was my first real sweet thing since Saturday. It's getting easier. I did groceries today and bought a whole ton of healthy food. This always makes it easier. But it really made me realize how much junk we indeed eat.  I found myself super sensitive to that everyone was buying at the grocery store

Day 6- I feel fine. But my skin is super itchy. Not sure if it's from the withdrawal or because of the fabric softener. Kinda annoying. I had to take a nap today and had a slight headache. My head still feels kinda fuzzy. Hoped I would feel much better at this point but I have adjusted to eating less sugar. The only thing is life is a bit of a moo point. Without yummy meals/treats life feels a bit blah lol but I have been cooking yummy healthy meals. But I realize the sugary ones are more satisfying.

Day 7
Slept pretty good. Feeling pretty ok. Still have that foggy headache. I wouldn't say I feel 'way' healthier or anything.  But I am proud I have gone without sugar.  I guess my body is just getting rid of all the toxins.  Overall though this feels very manageable. Tonight I am going to someone's for dinner though. So let's see how that goes

Day 8 Today I was super itchy and miserable feeling. Looking forward to being over this hurdle.  Who knew lack of sugar could effect hormones

Day 9- Today some girls came over and baked cookies and white chocolate brownies. I had zero desire to have any. And was able to make myself a chicken salad while everyone else at Chinese food. It truly was no struggle to me at all.  My energy had pretty much leveled out. I am not raging with energy but I am not as exhausted.  I do still find myself to be a little crabby😂

Day 10-Eating healthy is a breeze. My sugar cravings have been minimal to none.  My stomach is as flat as it can get😂. I still feel a tad tired. I don't feel like I have experienced that break through yet. My skin was breaking out this week. I think my body is continuing to detox itself. I was hoping for more skin results but I know it's coming!

Day 11
Sugar indeed does make life sweeter lol. I really didn't expect my sugar withdrawal to affect my temperment. It feels like my skin is a mess aswell. Thought I don't feel physically affected. And I can't say I really even crave sweets. I do find when I wake up my first instinct is to eat sugar for a boost. 

Day 12-
My favorite sugar free meal is butternut squash noodles with sauteed broccoli topped with parmesan and chilli flakes. That meal just hits the spot on so many levels. I still find myself sort of irritable.  I haven't been eating much fruit as I am trying to retrain my pallet.  I know fruit sugar could lead me to bad sugar very quickly

Day 13- Today was great. I discovered how to make oatmilk to make my smoothies creamy. I mix 2 banana's 1tbs peanut butter and 1 cup of oatmilk with a a sprinkle of cinnamon.  It's Soo good and totally my new go to if I need a pick me up.

Day 14-Two weeks in! Hurray! I still am not seeing skin results.  I gave lost about 5-7 lbs. The hardest thing is having snacks on hand. I have to cook when I am hungry which can be a bit annoying. My goal is to find some quick snacks. We have cookies in my house atm.  Def not smart for an ex cookie addict. But so far I am doing well! I don't really miss sugar but I miss the convenience.

Week 3-
This week I feel pretty good.  Found some recipes that I really love. Not really missing sugar. I think I am seeing a slight slimmer of hope with my skin. I read you start to see results after 5 weeks.  With the rate I have eaten badly it may be even longer for me. I have also begun some mini work outs too

Starting week 4
Feeling normal. I have lost a total of 8 lbs. My weight seems to be steadying now. I think my new vitamins were causing skin issues so I have stopped taking them to see if that will help. Fair to say I made it through a minth without sugar. I think I can take on the year!


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