The Sweet Life, The Sugar Free Life!

Hey all!! So I am super excited about this blog because of the fun in store! 7 days on h20-was not a fun experience, and I hardly made it through!  But I do feel better, system feels cleaned out and I am ready to treat my body like the temple of God that it is!  I was treating Gods temple like a garbage sad!

Anyhow, just a little back ground on my sugarless diaries and how it all started.
Last summer, I was out on my front lawn with my girls and a lady walked by.  I realized it was my Dads  cousin! So we began to chat and then she said to me Wow you have really gained a lot of weight!  The rest of that conversation was a blur from there! For the first time in my life I actually felt fat!  Whether I was or was not was neither here nor there! I looked in the mirror and said somethings got to change!  Granted, I had just had Miya(8 months old at the time) and was a mother of two, most people would say I looked good considering.  But deep in my heart I knew I was not the weight I needed to be and realized I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food! It was my friend, my partner,and my hobby!  On lonely nights  I would look forward to curling up and watching a christian film with a box of pizza hut & coke.  When I invited a sister over to fellowship I am not sure if I was more excited to see the person or to try my new recipe for carrot cake!  When I would wake up in the middle of the nights to feed my daughter, I decided to wake my taste buds with some cookies!  This unhealthy relationship had taken me 25 lbs over my normal to healthy weight.  It may have not gotten me to that weight, cause pregnancy got me their, but it was hindering the walk back down!

I also noticed my sleep was never solid, I woke up tired every morning no matter how long I had slept.  My eczema was the worst it had ever been and I found myself constantly hungry and irritable if I d id not eat immediately!  Now reading this I sound like a crazy person, but most of you who know me know I am pretty normal! I think all of us can relate to these things, but would never really be willing to open up to it! Because its kinda embarrassing to say I am a sugar addict!

So that evening, I began to do some research, and realized I needed to cut sugar out of my diet completely!
I am not talking sugars from fruits, I am talking about all the processed junk. The cookies, coke, juice, ketchup, McDonald's, rice...pasta(OUCH).  This left me with nothing to eat....or so I thought.  I realized the majority of what I was eating was sugar. The average person should consume no more that 8g of processed sugar in one day! In the average muffin their is 10g of sugar, that's just one snack in a day, not to mention the sugary drinks and other things we eat!  We could have well over 50g of sugar in one day! No wonder people are struggling with health issues left right and center!

So I really studied up on what foods I could eat, what would be good for me and be satisfying and I came up with an excellent food plan that kept me extremely satisfied and produced so much results in how I felt, my skin and my weight!  In 3 months I went form 172 to 145.  I slowly began to incorporate regular foods back into my diet and bounced around from 148-150.  Basically the weight stayed off!  But I learned some things along the way,and although I don't have much more I want to lose physically, I have a lot I want to gain back from the experience.  

I plan to go hard for 30 days and be extremely sugar free.  After 30 days I will introduce whole grain carbs only!
This has been a really long post-so I will post more information about how to do a sugar free lifestyle change tomorrow!  Anyone who is interested, here's how to jump start the plan:

1. Water fast for a minimum of 3 days (gotta get it out of your system)
2. Purchase the book Made to Crave .This book was a deal breaker for me! Very convicting!
3. Follow the blog, do it with a friend!  Two is always better than one!

I look forward to this next month!  Its going to be a lot of fun!  Each day I will post what I ate-so you guys can get an idea of what you can eat! And discuss topics from the book!  I will be starting the book tomorrow Feb 1st!  If you have kindle on your phone I suggest buying it as an ebook! I would share mine, but its not possible! :)

Have a sugarfree evening!


  1. Hey Victoria,
    Well I'm on board with you. I will not be able to fast from food as I'm nursing, however the sugar diet starts now. I will get the book today. Thanks for this interesting and challenging project. I've become a sugar addict and tremendously lazy with meals.
    I have a juicer as well I plan to use so...bring on the health. Current weight...145 lbs :(

  2. Heyy Victoria!! Sofia forwarded me the email and im SO excited!!
    this blog looks like its going to be a big help!
    I started this week and i got the book as well!! Cant wait to get on this healthy journey and i hope you share your sugar-free brownie recipe ;)



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