A fresh start!

Something that I love about Mondays is the opportunity to set the coarse for the rest of the week! It doesn't matter what the previous week amounted too!  Mondays are like mini new years days for me!
So as I start this sugar free week I put my old craving behind me, and all my did nots and look forward to a fresh week of healthy eating and to do's! So ladies a commend you on making it through a sugar free week and it only gets easier! 
This weekend I was super busy so I didn't get to give and food updates
But here is goes
Saturday: am- pinacola Smoothies. No alcohol
mid pm- all you can eat Thai restaurant killed me. Lol. I had shrimp tempura,mango salad, salmon, California salad,mango chicken.  All in small portions and the manager brought me a cheesecake cause he is a friend of my dads and it was a special visit. I didn't want to be rude so I a couple bites with and gave the rest to my dad! 
Pm- zucchini lasagna

Am nada. I was in a hurry
Lunch. Cream of broccoli soup and sweet potato fries. Just a couple
Pm. Antipasto sauce and hummus with raw veg

So that's me in a nutshell.  Haven't gotten into the book. Will do tomorrow

Look forward to a sugarfree week!
Some common goals
Wednesday veggie cleanse day!
Weekly 6:01 wake
Daily 20'mim physical activities

What's your goals for this week?


  1. This week some of my goals are to do a cleanse as well- i start Monday and i think its 3 days (its some fluid stuff i gotta drink-YUK!)
    Im going to do some toning workouts at home
    and watch up on the Made to Crave book- im slacking lol

  2. Amy-good stuff! Don't over exert yourself, with workouts and a cleanse! WHen doing a cleanse your body really needs to rest. Keep your works outs very short-more to develop a discipline than to produce results, one you develop the discipline the results will come. A lot of times we over exert ourself exercising and then over eat after cause we are very hungry! Watch out for the post work out cravings! :) Have a good week!

  3. ohh boyy!! lol thanks for the heads up!

  4. I have no goals for the week besides not cheating! LOL I'm proud to say I haven't cheated yet! Some days are easier than others, and I can usually gauge that in the morning. Today is a great day! Yesterday, not so great! BUT I'm exercising my mental strength and... I'm building muscle! Today I remembered this: Among the fruits of the spirit are joy, kindness, love, gentleness, and....SELF CONTROL. Having control over something as minuscule as what I eat, gives me self control over my reactions and my emotions. How dumb will I feel if I lose self control over a doughnut!?

    Food STATS:
    Sunday AM: anther FAILED smoothie
    Sunday Lunch: Fruit, chic peas, pork, and carrots sticks
    Sunday PM: HUGE salad from Pickle Barrel
    This morning: Smoothie and a banana (I'm so full! I get full faster now!)
    Today's lunch will be the left over salad from Pickle Barrel,and my snack will be probably be cheese.

    Anyway, that's it!

    God is GOOD.


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