Made to Crave!

Hola Ladies!!
I know I said I would blog in the evening, and will probably begin to in the next couple days,but I have just been quite busy in the evenings thus far, and given I am on a 6am challenge what a perfect time!

OK so I want to get a little bit into the book!  Yesterday I read the intro, which most people would usually skip over! Don't!
 Some key notes I took from it were :

-Spiritual malnutrition.  We feel physically over weight but underweight spiritually!  I wish we could flip the two!

-Shallow desires produce shallow efforts!  How this spoke to me, even in my H20 fast, my desire was to cleanse my body, but I have to say had I made it spiritual I probably could have lasted longer!  Also Shallow desires never really last very long.

-Eve being tempted with food.  How is this lady putting us on blast like that? LOL But I never really thought about the story in the garden that way!

-Compromise-take away the com and you have promise!  When you compromise you are breaking a promise!  They always seem so subtle but a broken promise is a broken promise matter how little!

-I can still crave chocolate after a huge meal and be full already!  I usually call this my "Dessert stomach"
This link to spiritual craving and food is amazing! By the end of this not only are we going to be healthy and slimmer-but much closer to Jesus! Who knew?

-The vicious cycle-eating, gaining, stressing...resolving to do better, failing...eating, stressing gaining...LMBO Think we have all be there!

Some friendly reminders

This is your own journey, and you set the pace for whats Good for your body-however I really don't want any of you to be counter productive so I am just going to list some tips!:)

1)Please check labels,if its got 9 million things you have never heard of in the ingredients list-just eat some carrot sticks! (lol to all those who have begun to read the introduction of made to crave)

2)NO juice!  I don't care if its 100% organic, unless you made it yourself-you have no idea whats really in there.  The freshness is gone-so the nutrients have been diminished.  If you want orange juice eat an orange.  Fruit does have sugar-and while it can be good sugar, you can overdo it!  I really recommend making your own juice-I don't regularly cause I see 4 apples go into making a 3/4 glass of juice! It makes you think do I need to be eating that much apples?  However their are many benefits to juicing, but not buying juice!  Drink water/milk, smoothies! If you really want make it yourself! :)

3)Weigh your self as often as you can! Only if this is also to help you to loose weight!  For me-even when I wasn't on the sugarless lifestyle I weighed in everyday!  It might seem dramatic, but I could see if I was slowly veering off!  Its easier to loose half a pound in a day than it is to loose 5 lbs that you put on in one week!

4) Beware of water weight, you may be 160 in the Am and 165 in the PM.  Chances are its water, food & digestion.  Always weigh in the morning and this is why I have suggested lighter dinners-so you can get a really good read on the scale when morning comes!

5)Stick to the basics, if your cooking-try and cook with all natural things, no need for extra sauces when you can make your own, this experience will really enhance the flavor of your food and cooking abilities! Hey hey hey!!

6) Just because its wholewheat doesn't mean much!  If you are not doing the no carb 30 day challenge, you are looking for whole grain foods not whole wheat!  There is a difference!  Whole grains are great-and good for you-but I think your attitude towards carbs needs to change!  Try and eat the recommend serving on the back when it comes to carbs-eat as much meat, dairy and veg as you want-but really get a hold of the carb area of your life!  Once you do you can begin to eat smaller portions of the other areas too!  But like I said, you want to find out how much you should be taking in each day and stick to that

My food log I will post this evening, I am not sure at all what I will be eating today-its 6:40 in the am! LOL  But that and my "Famous Guilt free Brownie" recipe will be added this evening!

Have a sugar free Day! :)

And guys comment more!  I want to know what you ate and how its going!


  1. The book is a really good read! The end of chapter 2 was deep. Today I experienced my first "I feel like I'm gunna cry right now" moment as a result of food! LOL I came home so hungry, just to find that my mom made homemade Panzerotti's! (Thanks mom..!) They looked absolutely amazing but I was so angry inside. On the inside I screamed "I thought we were in this together!" but on the outside I let out a dead, "Why'd you cook that.." to my mom. "I didnt know what to make.....blah blah blah, but I made you steamed vegetables!". My thought in response to that was, "Oh that's that gross smell I experienced when I walked thru the door". LOL I was so upset inside. Now reading this I sound SUPER ungrateful, but when your craving is staring you in the face you wanna explode! Anyway, here's what I ate today:
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, banana
    Snack: Nuts w/ dried fruit. (NOW $4 @ Walmart!)
    Lunch: FAILED attempt at a smoothie, and more nuts
    Dinner: Very small salad, banana, hard boiled egg with a bit of salt, and cheese. Mmm =)

  2. So my first day was a FAILLLLL..LOL...i opened my fridge and just realized that there was nothing for me to eat, and what i could eat i was just honestly too lazy to make(I know i know, shameful) but n e two came along and i thought i could do better....but after morning prayer i discovered that i was going to cora's for breakfast but here's what i eat:
    1. omlet with green peppers, red peppers, spinach, and cheese(added black pepper and a bit of salt for taste)
    2. one slice of multigrain bread
    3. one slice of cantaloupe, a strawberry, and pinapple
    4. 2 glasses of water

    That was breakfast, so in the evening now i had

    1.Akee, with bits of bacon and steamed cabbage with mixed veggies and lots of onion, I have CONFESS that i eat a so guilty, but hopefully i will do better as i go along.

    I was actually thinking about just doing low carb for 3 months and then transitioning into my no sugar cus i think they are very similar, and there are many things from the no sugar that i could implement. Any way, i downloaded the calorie app and it's really good except it deff does not have akee LOL but for the most part it gives me a good idea of my water consumption etc.

    ANyway, Thanks for reading, i appreciate the sisterly support and look forward to achieving these goals and really thinking of it as a life style and not just something im doing temporarily. The battle must first be won in the mind to achieve anything so i pray for dominion in my mind first!

    Toodles and GOOD LUCK to all.


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