High cal Friday!

Good morning ladies!
Happy Friday!  Hopefully you made it through another sugar free week!  And to treat yourself, Fridays shall be high calories day!   Now I am not advocating cheating but just eat more of what you like!  Its good once a week to go over you calorie defecit amount.  Its rattles you metabolism and gives your mind a much needed break from calorie counting!  So today celebrate with an extra smoothie. Or double the sweet potatoes fries!  Eat what you want to but just don't eat tthe bad stuff.

Also going forward I will blog Mondays and Thursdays. I think this is becoming enough of a routine for everyone that the daily posts probably aren't necessary. 

Thanks for all the forwards about sugars and its affects. I am pleased to see you are studying things out yourselves.  In reference to Essences last email yesterday one good thing to look up is the glyclemic index of food!  Eating foods with a low glyclemic index will help with keeping your insulin levels down. That was some of the first research I did when I started this no sugar persuit!  Also if you still aren't convinced of the no sugar there is a show on YouTube called the last ten pounds...I think!  The show shows how to loose that last ten pounds and shows sadly how much sugar average people eat. Its gross man!  So check it out if you can!

My food stats for yesterday
Am. Banana pattie...I love em
Lunch grilled veg and mushroom
Pm snacked on veg cheese peanut butter dried cranberry and fruit
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some food freedom today! Xoxoxo


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