Weight aint nuttin but a number!

Good Morning!   I really mean that, I had a lovely sleep and a easy transition into getting up this morning!  I don't know about you but sugarless eating dramatically improves my sleeplife. Along with ability to wake.  Anyhow back to the matter on hand...weight ain't nothing but a number!   Some of you may read that statement and scoff as the number you read on the scale this morning echos through your mind.
Weight has never been an issue for me until I gained some and needed to make my way back down the scale.  For me it was a tangible reference point that charted my success and amplified my screw ups!
This magic number would sometimes even determine my mood for the day!  But that was always short lived and it would just take one non related issue to bother me for the day and that little number meant absolutely jack to me!
Another tricky thing about weight is that it looks different on everyone.   For example I right now weight 142 lbs,  I have a tall lean frame. I look pretty good if I do say so myself!  Until another friend of mine says she ways 135 and she a similar height but different bodily make up! She looks chubbier, I don't! But she weight less....no fair!  This is why it can't be all about that magic number! You may even find when you get to that " number" your still not satisfied!
And this is where this journey to sugarfreedom, has shown me our primary goal here isn't to have model figures or perfect weights!  Its not so others can look at us an say" wow you lost so much weight"
Alot of us have been spiritually starving for years. Never making any real sacrifice or denying our flesh daily!  We are merely just using food as an avenue to get closer to God. If that's not your aim, this is a shallow persuit that will sadly come to an end.  Like the book said " shallow desires produce shallow efforts"  really ask yourself why am I on this journey?
I say this because although I loved the made to crave book the first time round I had one goal...to lose 25 pounds. Once I did I slowly reverted back to my eating habits and the practice of denying myself was a thing of the past.  This time my prayer life and devotion has dramatically improved,  and my numbers on the scale really haven't much.  I do have a goal weight. More of an experiment really, but that's not my aim anymore!
I say all this to say Ladies don't continue to agonize about your weight, the natural byproduct of a sugar free life is weight loss. I don't want this to just be a shallow persuit and you miss out on the weight you need to gain! Spiritual weight!
Let's put on some pounds today!
Have a sugarfree day!


  1. I really gotta get my self weighed because I have no idea how much I weighed at the start of this thing an it would be nice to know! But I will find out when I go to the doctor next week. It's so true about weight being just a number though because it does look different on different people. I guess the key is to just try to be the best that YOU can and not someone else's best. In Hebrews it says, "no chastening is joyful in the present but painful, nonetheless afterwards it yields the peacable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it". And that's kida how i try to look at all this, it sucks now but it'll yield a greater thing. I must say, time is moving SLOWWWLY with me doing this sugar journey. I'm waiting for a time where I feel "used to it", but as for now, it's still a battle! Lol. Not as MUCH as before but defintely still not easy. I can proudly say that I havn't cheated! And I hope to keep that tesitmony until the end!


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