Please just give me the good stuff!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Welcome to another sugar free day!  Hopefully you are still happy about your decision to move into a sugar Free lifestyle!  And its not something you look at with gloom and drudgery!  One thing you may notice in my blog writings, is that I call this a lifestyle as apposed to a "diet".  In my opinion, diets are temporary and rarely work.  They also have all sort of other stigmas attached to them that we don't need to be bombarded with in our thoughts!  This is a lifestyle change, and the main goal is that this will become apart of who you are. Our aim is this will always be the style of eating you  "revert" back to, regardless the situation.
I am pleased to say, when I did this over the summer, it became so ingrained in me, that when I  slowly brought regular sugars back into my diet-my body screamed, "Please, just give me the good stuff".  By good stuff I mean, my body wanted the "carrot stick" (hope you guys have been reading your books)

Anyhow lets dive into the book!  I am currently on chapter 4.  Reading it the second time, has been enjoyable for me and I have been able to apply some new truths!

Here are some points that stuck out to me:

-Is it possible for me to rely on food, more than I rely on God?(answer for me was yes-as I have made it through days without praying ans seemingly had no affect-take food away for  day and there is a HUGE affect!)

-Just a little funny when she said her arms have gotten so flabby they are waving back at her when she waved! Hahahaha, I literally laughed out loud for that one!

-Food has become like a drug, and its a good drug choice for the christian woman! (so this sunk in deep into my inner being, as I really reflected how food was my drugs-especially sugary ones, if i didn't get my next fix, i was cranky, irritable, whiny and even sometimes got the jitters! hehe)

-Poor food choices will rat you out every time-if not in the waste line, in my energy level!  (Can I get an amen from someone! Last night I went to the Sultans Tent with a friend-it was a 4 course meal.  The food was Moroccan, and delicious.  It was healthier than most restaurant food, but at the same time wasn't a fresh smoothie either.  Well as much as I ate half portions and didn't finish most of my dessert-I still felt very heavy in my tummy afterwards. Since I ate so late I felt sick to my stomach last night and this morning, I struggled to get out of bed! Just one meal, that wasn't even a big mac combo had such affects on my body!)

-Brings me to the next point-you will grow to love this change you have made!  (You will not miss what the "world"(fast food) has to offer!  I tried a chicken wing the other day and it was gross, just salt and oil-no real flavour!)
-Desperation breeds degradation! (When we are hungry we will eat almost anything.  Key tip here is plan your meals and bring snacks)

There are so many other notes I had made, but this morning I am on  bit of a time line!

As for my meals today-I think I will sticking to mainly fruits and veg.
For dinner I plan to have a veggie pizza salad!  Will post pics and the recipe later!!

Love y'all and have a sugar free day!

Please share some of your notes from the book, or parts that have really ministered to you and wil be reference points for change in your life?


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