Today was so hectic!  So I wasn't able to post my brownie recipe but it will posted tomorrow!

What did I eat?
Am: Smoothie-papaya, cantaloup, mango-and wow it was awesome!! Veggie omelete with cheese & sautee's veggies on the side! :)
Didn't snack today
PM: Chicken with oyster sauce-steamed brocoli with ginger and garlic in soybean oil
Dessert-tons of fruit-my hubby bought me a fruit flower bouquet!  Very beautiful and very yummy!

The cravings will subside guys don't worry!!
Just press through-the book should really help and believe me if you give in you feel so defeated and disappointed in yourself!  Its just not worth it!

Its not to say you will never eat those things again, but right now treat yourself like an addict-cause you are! LOL Your just in rehab right now!  oooh that the name of my next post! Booyaahh! LOL

Love y'all
Night night


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