Control yourself Woman!

Good day ladies!
Its 7 am, I just finished my regular morning routine and am ready to blog!  Just some personal notes from my journey.  This week has been tougher for me than previous weeks!
I have found myself hungrier than usual.   Taking peeks at sweetie treaties everywhere....and longing for a large bowl of white rice! Granted these new desires for food completely caught me off gaurd but are giving me the opportunity to develop self control at a higher level. 
I do have to ask,  why does it always hurt so very much when our character is being molded!  It literally can feel like a sharp knife is slivering off a little pride here, a little gluttony there, a little bad attitude on the left side and a chunk of lack of discipline on the right!  The finished result though is a you, you never thought existed!

I hope all my lovely sugar addicts are doing well!  Keeping off the junk!  Some tips to keep you going
- drink lots of Smoothies!  It helps curb your appetite
- stay away from " healthy " wannabe" foods. Like blue menu products. Or salted nuts, rice crackers, and the like. The sodium levels will have you craving more and the next craving will be for nachos. Also foods high in sodium(salt) make it very difficult to loose weight because salt is naturally dehydrating so if you have too much you body will retain water to makeup for it!  Hence you are bloated and puffy!  Yuck!
-look for recipes. This keeps me motivated that I don't have to eat the same thing every day

Well girlies, I am off to have some breakfast
Today I am eating
Am: papaya smoothie
Am snack: banana patties/ cookies
Lunch:homemade sweet potato wedges
Pm snack: left over smoothie
Pm: spaghetti squash and meatballs all covered in cheese! Yay! I am very excited about this dinner! Mmmmmmhhh. Have a sugarless day y'all! !!


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