Sugarless stick or sugar itch?

Good day!
It feels like forever since my last post. I didnt post Monday cause it was family day!  So here I am!  A few confessions. My 6 am challenged bombed this week!  I have been waking at 7. I have been extremely tired this week, even though I have been going to bed relatively early. I have not done any exercise like I had aimed too.  And I had diet coke!   Which completely goes against my no artificial sweeteners rule.
Well now that is out in the open my thought today is sugarless stick or sugar itch?

Its been almost a month of this lifestyle and one of two things has happened.  Either one your body has gotten used to this way of eating and mentally you quite like this change. You may have lost some extra pounds and have never felt better!  Or this has been a never ending daunting struggle and your starting to wonder "why am I doing this again?"
Those words came to mind over the weekend as I drank a bowl of blackbean soup( I never order soup at a restaurant!  What the heck? That's like bird food)  and hummus ( when appetizers and sides makeup your dinner you know the main meal options weren't the best) so as I eat my humble meal which did taste good I watched the waitors galavant by with tantalizing onion rings or large cuts of choice steak and a skewer of jumbo shrimps at the side. Or huge dishes of pasta in cream sauce that screamed I have more calories in me than your daily quota! 
As I drank my soup I realized how normal over eating and rich eating is in this Society. It was about 8 pm and I seemed to be the only person in the restaurant concerned about eating so late at night.  I watched as people carelessly chose their meals with no concern of the health consequences attached.  And that's when I thought " am I crazy? No one else is concerned "  and with that same thought a still small voice said" but I am"     In that moment I realized God cares about everything I do. And in detail.  Every single area of my life is of importance to Him. And so often I think well since everyone else is...I may as well!  How untrue.  I read a quote that said "if you have little time to eat well and excersize you better make time for sickness and funeral arrangements"

Everything has a consequence, whether good or bad. I began this article with two options of where you are at a month into this eating change. I sincerely hope it is sticking and becoming who you are but if it's not I encourage you to examine why it isn't working for you. It could be overexposure to the wrong foods. Even if you aren't eating them going to McDonalds at lunch every day and ordering a salad seems a bit dull while a perfectly airbrushed picture of a bigmac meal stares at you. 
Or perhaps you have a weak link. One area you haven't quite given up. This can be found in caffeine and sugar substitutes like splenda or sweeteners. A big one is sugarfree gum. All these things remind your body of sugar and make it very hard to kill the desire. 

I will let you know for weight loss the journey is a long one. And the critical point is when you do loose all that weight. How you handle food then. For me the justifications come all the time now that I am at my desired weight. And some times the justifications are valid. But not letting them become exuses to tumble back into sugary eating!

Well ladies that's my thoughts

What have I been eating?

Whole grain tortilla pita pizza
Lots of spaghetti squash
Purple Yams! ( they are purple on the inside.  So cool)
Bran Smoothies( just add bran)
Talapia with cabbage stewed
Spinach omletts
Harira soup
Just to name a few!

Have a sugarless weekend!


  1. Feels like forever since I read a post. But I'm happy to say that I'm in the category of thr former not the latter! My body has gotten use to the change and I don't mind it as much. Obviously there are the struggles but I stand strongly behind my resolve. I eat pretty much the same stuff all the time which makes me wonder how I don't get bored of food and fall back into unhealthy eating but hey, it's working! 1 month strong - no cheating! Oh yea!


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