Heart Shaped cups filled with....

Happy New Week Folks! Its another Monday, another opportunity to start the week of right!
I am  pleased to say my 6 am challenge has been going extremely well!  Over the weekends I give myself a break, but on saturday I was up at 6:30.  Anyhow I am pleased to be here yet again for another week!
As for my other goals from last week, mmh other than the 6 am challenge I think that was the only goal I actually accomplished. Last week I did cheat!  Yup, what a sinner I am, don't worry I repented! LOL
Now please for those of you who have not cheated or slipped up, don't start now! And for thoe who have, just pik up and keep going! I did not go over board, but it was a little bite hear a little sip there.  But i made some really good food stands at a potluck I went too.  I didn't take any carbs-just grilled veggies and pulled pork!  There was macaroni pie literally singing my name, but I didn't budge!

So as I read my Made to Crave devotional this morning the thought of Heart shaped holes in a our heart came to mind.  She discusses how we have this heart shaped cup that we hold out for other to fill.  Whether it me a boyfriend for attention, friend for acceptance, family for significance, spouses for love and the list goes on and on. But how many times when we have held out that cup to be filled and when it doesn't, we have a friend who can fill that cup perfectly!  Or so we think!  We fill that cup with candy, fried chicken, ice-cream and any treat possible.  As we stuff our mouths somehow we feel better. At least temporarily.  I once heard someone say "You know the best time to eat is when you are angry!Food tastes so good then"  I thought to myself when I heard that comment, now this is a person using food to fill their heart shaped cup.

It really wasn't until recently I become very apparent of the things I used to fill my cup, and became to depend on God to fill that solely!  Nothing else was going to fill that God shaped hole in my heart, and depriving myself of sugar became an excellent means to allow God to fill it!  I know we preach it all the time to others, but we rarely think that as Christians we are still filling our hear shaped holes with something else. A  little example, last week, my absolutely perfect husband out of the kindness of his heart brought my favorite chocolate covered short bread cookies home. Since he didn't want to "tempt" my with them he left them in his office. The problem is, he left them right on the desk half open in his office.  So when I would walk in there I was greeted with the soft buttery sweet aroma of these delectable cookies.  This is where the battle started.  Granted, I was not hungry, I was actually quite full from a lovely dinner but I just felt I needed to have it.  And then I hear my 1 year old crying "mommy mommy mommy" from upstairs, and then my 7 year old is screaming " MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY Miya is crying" (as if I can't hear that from upstairs) So I rush up the stairs only to find, Miya has spilt milk all over the couch, Tiana still hasn't finished her homework and I have forgotten to put the wet clothes in the drier from this morning and now they need to go through the rince cycle again.  As all these circumstances start to unfold one after another, that little heart shaped cup magically appears in my hands saying" Take me down stairs now and eat some cookie! Feed me Feed me! I am running on empty!  You can't possible deal with this without me!" And it is in those moments when I think "You're absolutely right! I need a fix and I need it now! Or I am going to blow!"

But this week I practiced talking to myself! I swear I am not going crazy! But I simply whispered to myself in the heat of the moment "Victoria get a hold of yourself, these treaties will not have the victory over you, Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world! Get moving hunny!" And I put that heart shaped cup back where it belonged and filled it with what it needed to be fed with!  And guess what guys...in the entire week that those cookies were in my house I didn't even have one!

I did say before I cheated, but it was more mindless cheating, like a couple candies popped in my mouth at a potluck.  But there are moments where you just know I can not do this, and when you hear that voice, listen.  I am amazed of the growth in my life in 2 short weeks! Imagine 6 months from now!

Well ladies I am off, I look forward to seeing some of you at revival tonight and hearing your success stories! OH and here is my question of the day for you...what patterns have you noticed in your sugar cravings?  When do you find you need a fix?  Is it when your tired? Hungry? Irritable? Depressed? If you can pin point this issue this will greatly help overcoming the battle!

Have a Sugar free Day!


  1. I notice a couple patterns so far:
    IRRITABILITY: My "withdrawal symptoms" are stronger when I'm with people rather then when I'm by myself ome reason, and I get so irritable. And when I'm hungry and I'm out it's the worst because denying myself a quick bagel or a 6 inch sub is so hard! Most times all I have is the snacks I pack and that's it! From there I gotta thug it out! Which isn't easy!

    It kinda helps having everyone know that I'm doing it because it keeps me on my toes, and puts more pressure on me not to slip up. And also doing it with other sisters helps too, because when you encourage others you're also an encouragement to yourself, and you strive harder to be a good example. It's only been 2 weeks but it feels like a long time! (For obvious reasons) lol

    As I talk to people and tell them about this and they call me crazy I've had to justify and explain myself in plain terms as to why this is a great thing to do and as I thought about it, I easily sum it up like this:
    Don't tell yourself "I could never do that", or "that's not for me", or "I love sweets/carbs too much" or (for my sugar free sweethearts) "I HAD to cheat"! Personally, I'd rather starve than loose my self control over a burger, cookie, sub, or fry. What you're telling yourself when u say those things is: I have no self control. Self control is a fruit of the spirit so what you're really saying is: I'm purposely not living up to my highest potential as a Christian because I can't/don't want to control myself. No one would say that a cookie controls their life, rice controls their life, juice controls their life etc. but really and truly when you have no self control that's what you're saying. Think about it.

    Keep on keepin' on! My sermon is officially over! LOL


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