Do you have a Game Plan?

Good Morning!
I am late this morning....I woke up at 7:50. Well first at 5:30 and then that was it!   I was disappointed,  as I have been doing very well with my 6AM challenge.  So this brings me to my thought for the day what's your game plan?
Every morning you have the opportunity to

to set the pace for your day. Waking early has given me the opportunity to firstly commune with the lord, and secondly really plan out my day. This includes everything from meal plans to chores, follow up phone calls to fellowships. I believe organization is very important when it comes to eating sugar free! If you aren't organized you are garunteed to eat junk and mindlessly. If you think you can just wing it , pretty soon the wings will be eating you! I have noticed on my off days I am tempted to eat junk cause it's fast and convenient. I don't have the energy to figure out what to eat because I didn't establish good discipline that morning and it haunted me in every area for the rest of the day. It's as if I am trying to play catch up but I never do! Living a more disciplined life has always been something I have desired but lacked the strength to do. Ofcorse I could wake-up each morning but rarely at the exact same time. Sure I could be at church on time but no one knows how I rushed and left the house looking like a tornado ran through it just to get there! Sure I made dinner. But could have seasoned the meat from the night before. There is always a coulda shoulda woulda in life...but how wonderful it is when you can say I did it and that's that! Cause you did the couldas and the shouldas! What does this have to do with sugarless eating you ask? Everything! This lifestyle constantly requires you to deny yourself. You are constantly activating self control( fruit of the spirit) will power and discipline. That new found strength you can direct towards other weak areas of your life. Just try it ,you may see you have break though in an area you have always struggled with. So I ask you to share what areas do you need more self control or discipline, and have you found that eating differently has changed you in other areas? Or perhaps you have just been focusing on eating right but have some other areas you need to bring under submission...what are those areas and how to you plan to challenge yourself to change? For me waking up early was a huge struggle, Lisa mentioned she was doing a 6 am challenge so I joined her. I have been amazed in the results it has produced. My next area I want to get in order is organization of the little things in life. Like my house is always clean and tidy but keeping my craft closet in order, Gary's closet in order, my office supplies together. All the chores I dislike doing I am challenging myself to do them and do it often! Well ladies that's all for me! Have a sugar free day!


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