Sugar Rehab!

Good Morning Sugar free sisters!

I just want to share some thoughts that came to mind this morning...
After reading Chapter 2 of the book and just reading comments, I can see that the temptation has begun and the cravings are starting to hit!  This stage isn't as fun....the novelty of starting something "new" has kinda worn off, and reality of your sugar addiction has kicked in.

The inability to get certain foods off your mind, or restrain from eating certain things is a very huge problem.  One that I struggled with big time in the past and occasionally with now!
Ladies, I want you to treat your sugar love-like an addiction.  Treat it like you were addicted to crack (Its funny because the with drawl effects are quite similar to some one in rehab).
Your tired, cranky, irritable, can't stop thinking about it, feel nauseas, sick and everything in your body begins to scream out for sugar!  This is the time when you have to say no!

I want to change the analogy to the scripture "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off"  Now we could say, "hold on, I am not sinning cause I eat sugar!!"  And the answer would be no for some people.  Cause its either here nor their.  But if you're anything like me, I can't say no, I was bound, if my body said jump, I said how high as far as sugar was concerned.  We have to cut it off, and not leave any of it lingering.
You wouldn't say " oh its okay for me to have a little sin, just a little fornicating....come on, just once a week, I was good all week!  Why can't I just murder someone today?  I mean, I just have too, it was a rough week, just a little stab in someones gut at least!" Or "You know what? How about if I move into a "low" sin lifestyle? You know just commit minor sins  here and there, but I'll stop sinning the "big sins". Like I am not gonna break up with my sinner boyfriend who I am fornicating with, we will just kiss!" "Ok ok, I will stop doing fraud , but I am definetly lying when I call in sick tomorrow!!"

Now to us, those compromises seem ridiculous and somewhat humorous. But we all know that any people who live their Christianity like that won't make it!  So why do we think, that we can have "just a little sugar" and it not affect us after we have been addicted so long?  The thought really came to mind when I first started this lifestyle change in the summer and was debating "cheat days".  Its like God clearly spoke to me and said do you have "sin" days?  Ofcorse not! I certainly have screw up days and flesh up days, but I have never once in my Christianity said "Okay all week I will read and pray and then Saturday, I am just gonna chill out and listen to all my favourite worldly music! "(and begin fantasizing about the play list I will put together, while in the midst of prayer monday morning)  Never!  I have had weeks where, I didn't consistently read and pray and then by default did spend my Saturday having what I call "a throw back day" listening to my old favorite worldly songs!  Now if we look into it, why did I probably give into the craving?  Well I wasn't feeding myself with what I needed too, so I began to crave what I was eating.  Evidently there was a lack of consistant prayer and feeding myself with Gods word!

Basically my point is cheating on a no sugar lifestyle  will lead to more cheating!  But like the lady said in the book, you will begin to desire what you eat!  Please guys don't make it any harder for yourselves and try to rationalize eating sugar.  You continue to eat healthy that is what you will begin to desire and LOVE!

Now I just want to say on the flip side, there are many people that can go to a fellowship and have a reasonable size dinner and feel satisfied that when the cheese cake comes out they say "no thanks I am good".  But that's not me....and my guess that's not you either!  I hope to be like that one day and this is why I am being so very strict now.  I want to develop a different attitude towards what I eat.  I do know sugar is not sinful in its self.  But my desires and lack of control to have it is down right gluttonous!

Anyhow, those are my morning musings....also that cycle came up again, I really want to break that cycle for me! In chapter 2 she talks about the viscous cycle of resolving to do better and giving in!  I actually lost 6 1/2 lbs in 1 week! I am 4 lbs from my goal weight! :) Just wanted to share that with you. I haven't craved anything but good food!  That's a miracle, and my ability to wake up consistently at 6:01 am every morning,no matter what time I go to bed has strengthened!  This challenge of a sugar free life has really empowered me.  I have much more discipline in other areas of my life, and that only dawned on me as I sit here at 6:21 in the morning writing to you guys!  I went to bed at 2 :30am-I feel slightly tired, but I will have you know I would never be able to control this and wake up like this before!  Yay!  What a testimony for me anyhow!

So as promised here is the brownie recipe that will knock your socks off! LOL Just click recipe
Basically this recipe calls for 1 cup of "sugar". I switched the sugar to 1/3 a cup splenda!  I don't usually have splenda,nor do I recommend you,but hey this is healthy"treat"food, not cheat food!LOL  And I think only packs 50 calories per piece-as apposed to the 300 calories in regular brownies.  Use whole grain flour, and I was able to down the amount to just a little less than 1/2 a cup.  * Hint the smaller the sweet potato is the sweeter it is! :)

Have a sugar free day!
let me know your thoughts on this blog posr!  Thanks for the food updates and accountability-i know some of you reading haven't been doing it!  Please join us and comment! Muah!!


  1.'s soo true! LOL......that's all i can say......very convicting fa sure....(IM AN ADDICT!) ......especially to carbs! doubt our bodies crave it, but man..i realize that i have no discipline but the more revelation that comes through these blogs, the more im starting to realize this is a serious ting! lol....I know for a fact that i never want to have cheat days because they dont usually work out well but im now re-motivated to be all in or nothing on this no sugar journey....I think we should all pray for one's important. lol and i need it!!

    Very good Blog vic.


  2. I agree with Sofia! That was a very convicting blog-gives me a different perspective on 'cheat days'. I wasnt really intending to have cheat days anyway but it still really helps for when the temptation comes!
    Yesterday I practically starved because there was nothing to eat in my house-I had to go for a walk so I didnt cave lol
    Today will be my first bible study on this no-sugar thing so im hoping to eat a salad and a smoothie before i head out!
    Cant wait to try the brownie recipe-once i do i will let you know how it turns out!

    p.s Victoria you should write a book or something LOL your very good with this blog thing!

  3. I also just watched a sermon by Robert Morris and its called Glorify God in Your Body. It was a really good sermon and relates to all that were doing here. He also includes some good scriptures! I encourage all of you to watch it :)

  4. Yes heard the sermons, was commenting about it in my H20 blog I think! it was very very convicting! LOL Write a book! Man I wish! LOL Need time and money for that! LOL

  5. @ Amy. I like that even though you were hungry you didn't give in. You went for a walk
    If there is nothing for this meal in your house. Wait for the next. We won't die if we don't eat
    immediately! Lol. Very good discipline. Good job!


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