Food stats

So today I felt very peckish! annoying!  Any how this is what I ate

Am: very berry peanut banana smoothie
2 scrambled eggs
1/3 fried plantains
Late Lunch: left over spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce
Dinner- I pecked! Lol a bite of cottage cheese here, a handful of multigrain Cheerios(loops) a chunk of cheese there, spoon full of antipasto!  I love that stuff man, a couple dried cranberries, bite of titis dinner yah didn't really have dinner
But all the pecking kinda filled me up!  Good for the metabolism too cause I am constantly eating but tiny amounts
I was having a lower calorie day tomorrow cause the weekend is coming and I don't prepare as many meals or organize my food intake so since I don't calculate what I am eating, I am more like to eat over. Not junk though!

Anyhow ladies. Hold strong for the weekend!
Peace out!


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