Made for More

Have you ever asked yourself "What am I here for?" or "What is my purpose?"
These no doubt are questions that linger in our minds, while we lay in bed at night.
The book touches the topic being "Made for More".  When I first read this book those
words were a constant "go to"in my sugarless battles.  I would think to myself God didn't just make me to see how many oreos I could devour in one day!  Or how quickly I could finish my pizza and eat another slice, so that it would be just as hot as the first slice.  God made me for more than  these silly battles I would have against sugar.  Often sugar would win and I would sadly walk away in defeat, with ice cream in hand.

I am not sure the degree of addiction to sugar any of you have, but this even can come from and over  anxiousness to eat.  We do not need to be controlled by what we eat.  As said in the book, "we eat to live, not live to eat".  How many of us, our whole life revolves on what we will be eating today?  What we will be having for dinner when we go out on the weekend?  What "so and so" will be cooking when we go to their house? Ladies, we have long passed eating to live, and have dived right into a life style that simply revolves around food and eating.

I wonder if we took that time we spend agonizing over a sugar craving, or thinking about our meals for next week,and instead,  called a young convert, encouraged a friend, studied bibles, or planned a ladies fellowship?  How much more rich our lives would be?  If we could replace our cravings with the word of God, the people of God and the Holy Spirit Himself, what a difference that could make in our characters and the lives of those around us?

So today, if you read this early enough I challenge you ladies lets live for what we are Made for!  A life that glorifies our God.  Lets replace our food challenges with Him.  Even our desire to eat,If you haven't watched the Robert Morris sermon on Gluttony its called "Glorify God in your Body" You absolutely need too!

I plan to have an all smoothie day! So there won't really be any food updates for me. I did not have the pizza salad yesterday,will most likely have it Friday, so I will post the recipe then!
Not sure what kind of smoothies I will make, I have lot of fruit to use up before it goes bad!

Have a sugar free day!  And To all my readers who are on the challenge I didn't hear any updates yesterday!  Don't be slippin! LOL


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