Back to the basics!

Good Day!  Its 7: 09. I managed to get up at six but stayed helplessly in bed until 6:45. I am exhausted!   Also I made the mistake of eating before bed (thanks for the yummy food Sofia)  so I think that affected my sleep too!  Anyhow my topic of interest this fine teusday morning is " back to the basics".  How to live the sugar free life,what to eat,what not and how to make it work for you? The majority of my articles have been from a spiritual stand point, and one I strongly suggested anyone take it from.  However there is a very practical side that I want to look at.

As you know I did this sugarfree lifestyle over the summer!  My main goal was weight loss.  And I would wager its the reason most people start this way of eating.  This time round it was for healthy living and better sleep, and to hit my high school weight again! Although that was my original motive, God had other plans.  Anyway , enough chatter let's get on with motives and how to get the maximum out of this change.

1. Its not a Diet!  Read that part again...if you look at this as a temporary fix to your weight / health issues and plan to resume back to sugary eating that will be very bad for your body and weight.   Please understand you are training your body to like different foods and if you try and bring back all that junk it will one....make you sick ....two, make you bloated and three, the fat will come creeping back fairly quickly.   Now I am not advocating one can never have carbs again( at the end of Feb I will begin the whole grain challenge)   but I am saying it should not become 90% of your meals like it once was
2. You have to weigh yourself.  It'd imperrative you get a scale and weigh in daily if you aim is weight loss.  It's encouraging and helps you to get to know your body better
3. Count those calories!   You have to...don't just do a mental estimate.   Your most likely going to be off. To lose weight you need a 500 calories defecit. That will cause you to lose close to 1 lbs a week.   I am convinced women do not create a large enough deficet and when they fail to lose wieght say " this doesn't work".
4. Oils and fats. Make sure your using olive oil or real butter.  Fats are good but in moderation.  Its easy to think let me just have extra oily food since I am not eating any carbs.  Also watch the cheese, eat the allotted amount.  No more
5.  I have said it before,  I will say it again, smoothies. You can't go wrong. Fill them with spinach, and yogurt s lots of fruit and veg!  The health benefits are great, it's good for digestion and keeps you full

Alright now for my food log.
Lol yesterday's
Am: peanut butter banana chocolate smoothie. ( bananas almond milk yogurt peanut butter and cocoa powder)
Lunch :( see pictures)  I had a smorgasbord board of cucumbers, antipasto, Turkey breast, marble cheeses ,slivered almonds. With cottage cheese topped with blueberries for dessert!
Pm: coconut Thai chicken and shrimp with spaghetti squash
Late night snack: Akee, sweet yams,cabbage and shrimp!    Thanks Sofia it was spoon good !
Have a sugar free day ladies! 


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