Whole grains Baby!

Good day!
So another month is upon us!  I am very pleased to be entering my whole grain challenge!   February was an excellent month!  I am so happy that I have gotten back into sugarfree eating!  Really excited about the spiritual changes and new disciplines it has brought! In February I accomplished what has been a desire for years. I am finally my high school weight again!  That was really exciting!   Those last ten pounds came off with ease!  I want to say I have not exercised once to loose the 35 lbs I lost over all! This month I do plan on bringing some activity into my lifestyle! Just to be healthy!  I am also pleased to say I am no longer sick!  Yay!
I was trying to add a before and after pick but my phone isn't allowing it! So this is my after but I am sure u have some old pick of me to see a difference
Anyhow here is my favorite smoothie recipes

Vicz Bomb Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen mango
2 cups ripe papaya
2 ripe bananas
1 cup 100% orange juice
1 cup water

Blend away
Sprinkle with cinnamon!


  1. Is the "Whole Grain Challenge" just implenting whole grain into the diet?


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